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Rome Flights: travel deals and cheap flights to Rome

Welcome to Flights to Rome tourist information website, we provide all the information you need to buy your plane ticket to Rome, where to find accommodation with a wide choice for any budget section of restaurants where you can delight in the cuisine of Rome and a tour of its main tourist attractions with information on tours and guides in Spanish.

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Rome is the capital of Italy south of the country and built on the River Tiber, lives with the Vatican, a sovereign and free state, the center of the Catholic Church.

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Rome's climate is typical Mediterranean coastal Italian, if you wonder, what is the best time of year to visit Rome? We recommend between April to June and from September to October you will find a very pleasant climate for tourism. The summer temperature averages 24.5 degrees centigrade. The winters are quite tolerable, with temperatures averaging 8 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The population of Rome is about 3 million people, the Catholic religion is dominant, but other minorities, and most of its inhabitants are of Italian origin.

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Rome is a city with more world heritage, with important monuments like the Pantheon built in 27 BC, the famous Roman Coliseum full of history and blood, other monuments in Rome worth mentioning are the Arcs of Triumph, the Roman Forum, the ancient catacombs and the castle of St. Angelo.

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And if it comes to gastronomy, Rome is famous for its exquisite cuisine, pizza, spaghetti, tortellini, Raviolli, panini, delicious sauces and more are a must taste your way around Rome, not far behind with the selection of wines for discerning palates. Apart from the Muses and gastronomy Rome offers a pulsating nightlife you're some nightlife and entertainment Rome offers a wide variety of environments. This and more for providing this great city, so we invite you to visit all our sections with the most complete tourist guide to Rome.


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